2016 greetings card

Interactive greetings card


Creation of an interactive game incorporating the 360° panorama to convey the agency’s best wishes

Fields of expertise

#Graphism #UIdesign #UXdesign #Artistic Direction



Making the traditional greetings card a technological challenge for 148

The traditional end-of-year greetings card provided an opportunity for 148’s creative and technical teams to try out a new technology in the form of an immersive interactive game that used photos taken by Ricoh’s Theta 360° camera. Visitors to the special page can take a tour of the various spaces within the agency through a series of levels, the aim being to find the animals featured in these images.

Boosting the agency’s visibility

The game was selected from among the best agency greetings card designs by well-known communications industry news site La Réclame. Innovating and trialling an original and creative approach enabled the agency to boost its visibility by attracting a large number of visitors to the special game page.

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