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ANIA called up the services of 148 to overhaul its website to reflect the colours of its new identity with a view to coordinating the various aspects of its public presence.



Fields of expertise

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An information portal website

Since ANIA had huge amounts of content that it needed to display on its site, the agency needed to adopt a particularly didactic design whilst prioritising the information in question for the purposes of clarity and education. The site was also intended to serve as a platform that would bring together the various aspects of the association’s public presence, along with that of its partners, together on the same interface.

A website aimed at both institutions and the general public

One of the major challenges with this project was positioning ANIA as the undeniable leader of the food-processing industry without jeopardising its role as a spokesperson. The site was intended to serve as a resource centre for both professionals working in the sector and consumers looking for transparency and answers to their questions.

Boosting visibility and traffic

The main challenge that this overhaul presented was enabling the website to enhance ANIA’s reputation and to establish its role as a preferred point of contact for food-related issues. In order to achieve this, 148 Agency implemented a custom SEO strategy designed to increase traffic to the site as part of searches performed using search engines. It was also deemed necessary to create a newsletter in order to boost traffic.

The right balance between design and precision

The issue for the artistic directors lay in combining an attractive, modern and accessible design with the meticulous image that makes ANIA a true institution. The decision to use coloured blocks arranged against a neutral background was unanimous. The adoption of a design thinking approach also made it possible to introduce various information areas representing points of reference for the user.

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