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The subtle art of the buzz!

Creating a buzz is all about drawing attention, causing a reaction, creating an appetite, sparking conversations... Basically, making noise: that is the objective of the Buzz! 148 Agency is very familiar with the perfect recipe for getting your brand or service out there and recognised in record time.

If you want to encourage people to talk about you online you have to rely on the perfect trio: SEO, SEA and SMO. You, too, can discover and learn to master these 3 practices to help optimise your visibility, boost your reputation and even improve your image. Natural Search Engine Marketing (SEO) actually optimises your search engine positioning whilst paid Search Engine Marketing (SEA) helps boost your visibility among a specific target audience in a number of ways (the purchasing of keywords, display, pre-roll, retargeting, etc.), and all the while, social networks (SMO) are creating communities! This is where the Social Media Manager and the Community Manager come in. They have the ability to develop the perfect online presence strategy for making Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and various others the best way to promote your brand message, your values, your products/services and your website.

The importance of a good social media strategy should not be underestimated, which is why we offer tailored training and support to help our clients familiarise themselves with this field.

Generating traffic to your site, connecting networks, creating a sense of engagement... our skills when it comes to both social media and viral marketing mean that we are able to quickly activate and engage a community centred around your brand thanks to your online presence. By creating and monitoring conversations based on your product or services we can study your visitors’ behavioural patterns using reporting tools that enable us to monitor your e-reputation at the same time. Finally, we can adapt all of our actions to reflect your goals, expressed as a series of KPIs.

Our expertise in creating a buzz is particularly handy when it comes to activating a campaign. Whether we’re talking about launching a product or service, it’s important to maximise your visibility among your target audiences. Agency 148 uses a series of key representatives, ambassadors and bloggers to facilitate this activation and together we give your brand the sort of voice that will help make it a success.

Fields of expertise

  • — Search Engine Marketing (SEO, SEM and SMO)
  • — Community management
  • — Campaign activation
  • — Buzz, viral marketing and web marketing
  • — Results analysis (reporting, Google Analytics, KPI, goal tracking, etc.)
  • — Influencers
  • — Netlinking

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