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Institut des Futurs Souhaitables


An institute
unlike any other

The Institute of Desirable Futures (or IDF) is a sort of open, hybrid school that provides participants with a series of creative tools they can use to build a kinder world for the future. Supported by over 400 experts, drivers of change and artists alike, the IDF provides a great deal of food for thought, experimentation and design where anyone, be they acting on their own behalf or belonging to an organisation or authority, can find the resources they need to invent their own future world.


Fields of expertise

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A site
designed through

Two agencies worked on the IDF site, these being Pixelis with regards to the artistic direction element and 148 for the web design and ergonomics components. 148 agency oversaw the smooth running of the project from artistic direction adaptations, via the UX and UI design work, right through to development. This wonderful project also provided the perfect opportunity for 148’s UX designers to share their expertise in the field of web design with the ADs from Pixelis.
creative creative
conspirateur conspirateur

dynamic and
vibrant content

It took some pretty thorough research with regards to illustrations and a lot of photomontage to support this multi-screen content.

whilst particular attention also had to be paid to the browsing aspect in order to make the density of the site content more easily digestible and easier to access.

Furthermore, the creative team was able to enhance the site with various short animations distributed across the different pages to give the whole thing a more dynamic feel.

A project
that reflects
148’s values

Supporting the Institute for Desirable Futures in its digital communications gave 148 the opportunity to contribute to the rapid development of an engaging and inspiring project that reflected the agency’s values.

Of course, the agency always enjoys putting its communication skills to good use.

In order to help responsible players who are contributing to making the world a better place.

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