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Motion design videos

Motion design:
the ideal information tool

Waliceo operates in the not exactly glamorous and, above all, sometimes difficult to understand world of mutual insurance. What does it mean to be reimbursed at 150%? What is a tiers payant? Waliceo’s parent company Adrea Mutuelle has called on us to give clients answers to these questions. With an additional difficulty: Waliceo is a service dedicated to people who are deaf and hard-of-hearing. It was therefore decided to create highly informative motion design videos and to devote part of the image to sign language.

Fields of expertise

waliceo Screens waliceo Screens

Simple and dynamic videos

It is not necessarily a very funky subject – agence 148 has been very creative
Marie-Charlotte, project manager for the Adrea Mutuelle communications department

Motion design is an excellent communications format. If you need to present information while being fun, then this is the format for you. This graphic animation combines drawing, text and infographics along with subtitles and a voice-off. To create the three Waliceo videos, a video shoot was organised with a deaf person responsible for interpreting the text into sign language. The idea is also to promote the skills of people with this disability and to produce these videos for them and with them.

1 1
2 2

A completely new format for people who are deaf and hard-of-hearing

At our meeting, Adrea Mutuelle explained to us that what we see on the television, with a small square in the corner of the screen for sign language, is actually very inconvenient for people who are deaf and hard-of-hearing. With their agreement, a decision was made to devote one third of the image to sign language. That’s a lot more than elsewhere and proved a game-changer!

It is difficult to synchronise the sign language and the voice-off – agence 148 has developed real expertise in this field
Alexia, project manager for agence 148

Sign language is not word for word. It does not have the same rhythm or necessarily the same sentence order as text. Everything needs to be correctly aligned with the animation and the voice-off. Finally, these videos are very general public – they are relevant to everyone. But they are especially optimised for people who are deaf and hard-of-hearing.

Dissemination on social networks

Another advantage of motion design is that it is a very easy format to disseminate on social networks. It can be shared easily and watched without sound thanks to the subtitles. The videos received a very positive welcome on their release in July 2020.

The videos had barely been posted before they started receiving likes, which is a very good sign!
Marie-Charlotte, project manager for the Adrea Mutuelle communications department

We hope that these videos will be useful for people who are deaf and hard-of-hearing. This project was particularly rewarding for agence 148. The collaboration with Adrea Mutuelle went really well and we learned an enormous amount about hearing disabilities.

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