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App designer

The agency’s expertise in the app field is undoubtedly its most cross-disciplined, involving artistic directors, UX designers, UI designers and developers alike. Information architecture really is the backbone of any such project. From interactive terminals and mobile apps to virtual and augmented reality, each new technology focuses as much on the graphical aspect as the technological.

Knowledge of the fields of UX and UI design enables our app developers to design both interfaces and ergonomics that reflect the media to be featured in the project as well as any challenges it presents. An appropriate design is vital to enabling the user to intuitively explore and enjoy the best possible experience.

What about performance? Whether we’re talking about apps, interactive terminals or online games, the user experience is influenced by the fluidity of navigation and the app execution speed, which is why the agency’s technical teams call upon their knowledge of system administration, hosting, maintenance and security to ensure that anything ‘that is not seen’ optimises what is seen.

Fields of expertise

  • — Positioning & strategy
  • — Statistics
  • — Multi-channel app development (API)
  • — Online publication in stores and ASO (App Store Optimisation)
  • — Social networks
  • — Mobile, tablet & wearable
  • — Maintenance, follow-up and optimisation

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