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What would a communications agency be without creation and graphic culture?

Agence 148's expertise in the creative field covers all of the functions necessary for visual production. From artistic direction and web design to layout and publishing all forms of communication media, the agency's creative teams are very bold and simply ooze talent and good taste when it comes to creating many visual elements. Our artistic directors are constantly monitoring what's going on in the world of graphic design and are able to come up with creations that are always in keeping with the times. Their experience means that they are able to draw carefully designed logos, implement graphical identities and specific and comprehensive layouts and even design unique brand universes.

Creation at 148 doesn't stop at the printing stage (publishing, graphics and advertising). Indeed, the agency can rely on its team of extraordinary web designers and UI designers to design websites, applications and any other type of digital interface. Always working in collaboration with the technical teams, our web designers offer graphical solutions to the problems associated with a given project whilst taking into account the constraints associated with designing a digital campaign. The agency's UI designers are always striving to keep up to date with the latest uses and features of web design in order to enrich and inspire their creations.

Although Agence 148 has a strong attraction to the digital sphere, we realise that there is more to being a good graphic designer or a well-informed web designer than simply using a computer, which is why our artistic directors are also able to skilfully wield a pencil or Rotring to come up with high-quality illustrations and rough drafts.

Creation at 148 is all about creativity.

Fields of expertise

  • — Artistic Direction
  • — Brand identity and universe
  • — Graphical identity
  • — Webdesign / UI Design
  • — Illustration, rough draft
  • — Page layout

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