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A video designed to raise awareness of the flow of plastic waste in the Seine

The MacroPLAST project aims to measure the flow of plastic macrowaste (bottles, packaging, bags, etc.) that flows into the Seine and eventually ends up in the sea. The University of Paris East-Créteil participated in this study by installing a series of GPS beacons on certain items of waste and Agence 148 produced a video tracking their journey from Rouen to the estuary based on the corresponding data.


Fields of expertise

macroplast Screens macroplast Screens

A sleek design for a scientific video

Laure, our graphic designer and motion designer, took the opportunity to test and improve her skills on the brand-new application from Google - Google Earth Studio -, which makes it appear as though you're flying over the Seine and tracking the waste. Once the sequences of images were exported, she did everything she could to make it as easy as possible to understand the process using After Effects, whereby a cursor that represents the waste moves into the river and gets washed up on the banks seven times. Each time, a window appears asking you to provide more information about the waste running aground in this way.
visuel-1 visuel-1
visuel-2 visuel-2

An alert tool aimed at both professionals and the general public

This video is to become a major tool in the circulation of the study performed by the University of Paris East - Créteil. It must be shown to scientists at symposiums and seminars relating to the ecological transition and sustainable development and is also intended to be more widely circulated to inform and alert the general public to these flows of waste that have a particularly harmful effect on the Seine and its banks.

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