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Create a more attractive website that's easier to navigate

They chose us to completely overhaul its French recruitment website with the aim of making it easy for applicants to navigate and enhancing the appeal of its job postings. « In terms of ergonomics and design, it's nothing like our previous site - it looks great, flows well and is understated ». These are the words of Jérôme Grillet, Head of Human Resources Development at Metro France.

Fields of expertise

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A major asset: our expertise in using Oracle Taleo Cloud Service

Metro France is the leading provider of independent catering services, with 9,000 employees and an average of 200 job openings constantly available. One of the best tools currently available for managing such a flow is the Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud (OTAC). We at Agence 148 have mastered this talent management solution and use it regularly. In actual fact, it was Taleo publisher Oracle that recommended us to Metro France in the first place.

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The site is a beautiful showcase for our brand that effectively communicates who we are and what we do
Jérôme Grillet, Head of HR Development at Metro France

There was an additional challenge in the specifications in that Metro France wanted metrorecrut.fr to be more than a recruitment engine. The group doesn't have a corporate site in France and the new site also had to serve as a showcase for the company and convey the brand image.
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femme femme

Combining a powerful tool with creative design

In technical terms, it wasn't that simple, since Taleo may be a very good job management tool but its base is somewhat restrictive in terms of design. Indeed, the structure is already in place and only a few marginal adjustments can be made. Agence 148, which specialises in Oracle Taleo integration, therefore decided to recover only the data and to make a custom site using WordPress in order to combine the best ATS on the market with the best CMS on the market.

We managed to integrate Taleo into WordPress to give us much greater creative freedom
Agence 148 developer Bastien

This innovation allowed us to include photos and videos and create a really dynamic site. At the request of Metro France we also created a video space resembling Netflix, in mosaic mode and incorporating various categories, and were able to incorporate animations into the scroll with drop-down menus appearing, too.

A photo shoot for a custom site

Again with the emphasis on creating a site that conveyed the Metro France brand image, we preferred not to use a ready-made and impersonal image bank so we came up with a comprehensive offering that included a photo shoot. A photographer selected by our agency spent 3 days within the company, taking pictures of employees and documenting all divisions of the group, including the sales force and the head office. We oversaw all aspects of the artistic direction of the project, right through to the selection and enhancement of the photos.

Job postings automatically update on a daily basis
Charline, Project Manager

We continue to oversee the maintenance of the site to this day, which mainly involves monitoring that everything is working well because the device is fully automated. The Metro Group's head office in Germany submits its job postings on a daily basis and these are then mechanically added to the site.

Smooth and efficient collaboration

The project as a whole involved three parties, namely Agence 148, the Metro France management team and its head office in Germany. As with all of our projects, we proposed an appropriate working method to limit the amount of interaction required, with a weekly meeting allowing us to take stock of the progress of the project and set clear commitments. Each meeting was followed up with a report and the client was allocated a specific project manager and a dedicated team.
Furthermore, beyond the advice we offered with regards to methodology, we suggested that the client to have some control over the creation of the various pages, meaning that Metro could add its own sections using a modular site and can still, to this day, develop its site itself.

The guys at Agence 148 are down-to-earth, friendly and flexible people, not to mention highly professional
Jérôme Grillet, Head of HR development at Metro France

Metro France is a demanding client but one that was willing to listen to the ideas that we put forward, especially where graphics were concerned. There was some to-ing and fro-ing with regards to the mock-up but we quickly reached an agreement, and when it came to delivery, the client told us that they were very satisfied with the overall package in terms of both technicality and design.

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