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Launch of the Jump programme

Launch of a
recruitment programme

This new programme aims to give young graduates with great potential access to job offers and key positions within the group.
The aim of the Jump employer communications campaign is therefore to successfully appeal to and inform these young people and to introduce them to the benefits that this fast-track programme has to offer whilst at the same time maximising the appeal of the Suez group.


Fields of expertise

suez-jump Screens suez-jump Screens

Creating and
developing a name and
a visual identity

148 helped Suez reflect upon the name of the programme and after a number of proposals we had narrowed the choice down to Leap and Jump, both English terms incorporating the notion of dynamism, but Jump came out on top as it was considered to be more universal, better known and therefore more easily comprehensible.
Youth, dynamism and ambition would then be the driving forces behind the artistic direction of the project, giving rise to brightly coloured images and strong visual elements.
suez suez
jump jump

Modern and coherent
global communications

Following a very successful pilot year, the project was repeated and adapted to the new charter. 148 showcased its expertise in the fields of copywriting, artistic direction, graphic design, illustration, publishing and the printing of materials.

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