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Website and visual identity

Overhauling the website
to showcase urban projects

Vectuel creates innovative digital media that can be used to bring various architectural, urban development and regional planning projects to life. The multidisciplinary nature of the Vectuel team, which consists of architects, GIS specialists and 3D computer graphics designers, allows its clients to visualise and present their projects. The firm is considered to be the leading player in the 3D city modelling sector and is constantly innovating to come up with increasingly immersive and easy-to-use solutions. Vectuel approached Agence 148 with a view to overhauling its visual identity and its website and for advice on organising and presenting information. A series of joint working sessions were held over the course of the project to ensure that the Agence 148 teams were meeting the client’s requirements as closely as possible.


Fields of expertise

vectuel Screens vectuel Screens

Information architecture:
an intense project with
an unusual structure

The site that we were to overhaul was particularly dense and confusing as a result of the way in which the information and content it provided was organised. A number of co-creation, knowledge-sharing and guidance workshops were held in order to work alongside the client to establish the relevance of the choices being made and how best to present the various content elements of the site. One of the major issues with regards to the structure of this new site was creating a browsing experience and user pathway that was coherent but also allowed visitors to the site to view all of the products and services available from Vectuel at a glance. With this in mind, it was essential that we design a dual-layer site, the first layer providing content that would give visitors to the site a quick overview of the firm’s various fields of expertise, the second giving them a much deeper insight into the intensity of the urban projects for which Vectuel is responsible.
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Agence 148 - winning advice
when it comes to SEO and
the user experience

The overhaul was one of those projects that required a great deal of interaction with the client since it involved more than simply structuring the information and content provided on the site. The two-man UX designer team, under the watchful eye of the Creative Director, came up with a number of ideas for structuring the content on the site by using wireframes and looking into information presentation models.

Agence 148 also provided a great deal of support and guidance in terms of SEO.

One of the aims we hoped to achieve with the overhaul of the Vectuel website being to improve its SEO performance whilst at the same time understanding Vectuel’s expectations and helping them to understand the tools we had implemented, as well as convincing them and ultimately supporting them in creating appropriate content.

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