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One of 148 Agency’s greatest strengths is its ability to support its clients at every stage of their project. We call that ‘consultancy’


In the early stages of a project our strategic planning experts will determine the positioning of the product or service in question. This analysis of the intended target and the environment in which the product or service is to be developed is vital to coming up with an appropriate strategy. Once this strategy has been approved between the client and the agency, the project management stage can then be put in place, with the project manager taking over the reins to ensure that each stage of the project runs smoothly, right through to its final execution. Depending on the project at hand, our teams will create either a communications campaign or an information architecture (for a website, for example), or even a brand identity in the event that it doesn’t already have one or that the existing one needs revising. Once again, our consultancy expertise will help you to make the right choices.

Coming up with creative concepts, choosing the right communications materials and systems and implementing recommendations with regards to UX (user experience), design, ergonomics and interface are another of a communications consultancy agency’s strengths. But the agency’s expertise doesn’t end there; we also advise, guide and train each of our clients in search engine marketing (SEM), that is marketing as applicable to search engines. This will also help you understand the concepts of SEO (search engines optimisation), SEA (the purchasing of keywords and sponsored links on search engines and in directories) and SMO (improving natural referencing in search engines through social networks).

In a nutshell, 148’s consultancy services are primarily about placing client’s interests first.


Fields of expertise

  • — Positioning & strategy
  • — Brand identity
  • — Campaign development (definition of a concept and choice of tools)
  • — Information architecture
  • — UX design, ergonomics & interfaces
  • — Project management
  • — Support & training in all our fields of expertise
  • — Search Engine Marketing (SEO, SEA, SMO)

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