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English Tea Shop

Visual identity, website and social media

A project based on a strong commitment

English Tea Shop was born in Sri Lanka out of a sad reflection: since the end of the 19th century, this great tea and infusion producing country has been under the control of an auction system forcing producers to an intensive and low value-added culture.

In 2010, Suranga Herath, a Sri Lankan with a long career in the tea industry, decided that things had to change. He imagined a business based on a virtuous circle, driven by a fair value sharing system to enable the development of organic and sustainable agriculture. This was the beginning of the English Tea Shop project, a joyful revolution of tea from the plantation to the cup!

As a B Corp, we were chosen with the agency Pixelis to lead the complete redesign of the English Tea Shop brand image: from positioning to the website and social networks, the objective was to accelerate the recognition of an expanding brand that carries values to which we fully subscribe.

Fields of expertise

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The work done on our identity and our site is exceptional. We have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers, stakeholders and internal teams.
Mayuri Gallage, Assistant Manager - Communications at English Tea Shop

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An identity that reveals English Tea Shop's commitments

The interest of a 360° project like English Tea Shop is that it allows us to make recommendations as well as to implement them. This allows us to highlight the transversality of our teams' skills.
Kilian, founder and CEO at 148

The positioning and identity of English Tea Shop are based on the three pillars of the project: organic and sustainable agriculture, improving the quality of life of farmers and developing the knowledge of farmers and their families. Everything has been thoroughly rethought in terms of both discourse and graphics to reflect these founding principles.

In addition to the logo and a graphic charter, three mandalas have been created to give life to an actual visual universe. Rich and colorful, they express the values that the company wishes to express through its communications: warmth, dynamism, grace and vivacity. A way to reflect the commitment of English Tea Shop while celebrating the taste qualities of its teas and infusions!

A website in the new colors of the brand

The redesign of the identity is followed by a new showcase site. It is intended for two targets: the consumer, but also the retailers, who are essential to the international development of the brand.

We immediately took on the role of advisor for this mission, in order to guide the English Tea Shop teams and make the most of the new identity.

Having to address two different targets and finding the best way to distill storytelling throughout the site were very interesting challenges.
Naïma, project manager at 148

After a co-construction step on the site arborescence, we imagined many features likely to interest one or the other of the targets: landing page intended for sharing on social networks, catalog of teas accessible in PDF or via a filtered feed, pages of description of the teas divided between practical information and storytelling... Without forgetting the unavoidable quiz proposing to the user the tea most adapted to his mood of the moment (and you, which one is it?).

The tea revolution is also happening on social networks

Working for such a bright, colorful brand that carries such strong values is very stimulating creatively speaking.
Hélène, art director at 148

We didn't stop at the website: to gain more notoriety, it's also on social networks that English Tea Shop must exist!

We worked in the first place on a strategy defining the tone to adopt and establishing an editorial calendar over several months. We imagined many types of posts to ensure the production of relevant and diversified content: contests, farmers' stories, customer reviews, key figures, anecdotes about the English Tea Shop adventure... Templates associated with each type of content were also produced in order to guarantee a total autonomy of the community management teams.

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