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Cognac house Rémy Martin called upon 148 to design a stylish but fun multimedia communications initiative.


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Modernising the image whilst emphasising its vintage feel

Whilst it certainly doesn’t need any introduction, the brand that has become recognisable by its centaur logo was also keen to modernise its image whilst at the same time emphasising the vintage chic feel of its new flagship product - Rémy Martin VSOP Mature Cask Finish cognac. With this in mind, 148 Agency recommended that the brand adopt a brand content strategy incorporating both print and digital media.

Increasing opportunities for contact with the target audience and creating a truly influential dynamic

  • – The extremely carefully produced paper guide is produced as a limited edition and distributed at a handful of select locations frequented by some of the ‘happy few’.

  • – The digital version, meanwhile, adopts a multi-platform approach and has been optimised for use on tablets and mobile phones, both iPhone and Android.

Where trendy meets technological

From its sophisticated design to its comfortable ergonomics, not forgetting its enriched content (12 bars as opposed to 6 in the previous One Night in London application created in 2013), the emphasis here is very much on offering a glamorous user experience that is in keeping with the values of the brand as a symbol of French chic.

2 frameworks

Designing the new application involved the use of two frameworks, namely Apache Cordova to help create hybrid multimedia interfaces .

2 languages

The Tokyoite version is bilingual - English and Japanese - , depending on the language settings of the phone on which the application is installed.

A trendy nomadic experience

Thanks to the use of geolocalisation technologies and the iBeacon positioning system – a technology that makes it possible to transmit a weak Bluetooth signal between an accessory and a beacon –, the user can now receive personalised notifications , and in doing so form an attachment to the brand that makes for a trendy and truly nomadic experience..

A smart and secure system

Even if they happen to be in the basement of a nightclub, the user may be asked to give their opinion of the Rémy Martin cognac-based cocktail that was recommended to them when they arrived, with no fear of the excessive charges associated with roaming abroad.

Cocktail personalisation

The new version of the application is also original in that it incorporates the Mood functionality, whereby a cocktail can be created at random, giving the user the illusion that the system is scanning their finger.

Communication beyond the digital sphere

To summarise...

The result: The key ingredient to any cult evening

Serving as both a navigational tool and a super-cool accessory, this latest creation, the original version of which for iPad and iPhone had already reached 3,000 downloads, put the product into context in a sophisticated nightlife environment. ts appeal highlighted in suitable style, Rémy Martin cognac is now perceived as the key ingredient of any cult evening, to be enjoyed (with moderation) in the Iplush or eccentric surroundings of only the most special of places.

+ 3 000 downloads

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