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Creating a fluid and client-oriented website

Skillsday operates in a very competitive environment – training. The company specialises in remote training, mainly via smartphone, with formats that are both short and fun. It contacted us for the creation of its website. Thoughts immediately turned to something dynamic, promoting its digital universe. We set to work to develop a website with an intuitive user pathway and an easy-to-use interface to make potential clients want to find out more about its services.

Fields of expertise

  • #UX/UI
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Scrolling at the heart of the UX design

Agence 148 is able to propose solutions. They have experience and at the same time are young and full of good ideas
Anne-Sophie, marketing director at Skillsday

A significant proportion of the work involved animation of the homepage, the entry point to the rest of the site. We came up with a UX design that guides the client through an exploration of the various sections. When the user reaches the site, there is really nothing to do. A simple scrolling movement presents the pages one by one, like a slide-show. From the user’s perspective, the experience is totally simplified. From a technical perspective, it was a real challenge! It was necessary to present a slide-show containing lots of images and content, while at the same time creating a stylish animation without any loss of performance.

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Pared-down code

The site is designed so that each element can be reused elsewhere on the site. At agence 148, we believe that some information should appear in several places on a website. For example, it is more likely a visitor will want to find out about training if the contact form is available on every page. We therefore decided to create graphic design blocks that can be duplicated on various pages, without increasing the volume of code and so without slowing down the loading time. The site’s performance, which allows a responsive experience, is crucial to its success. Developing a site that consumes less energy is also in line with our eco-friendly values. Having a green attitude is a constant requirement for the agency.

We optimise the code to ensure that each page has an ultra-fast loading time
Mélina, developer at agence 148

Another technical challenge is the generation of PDFs. Each training page can be loaded as a PDF file, which is very convenient for users, but not so easy to implement. Firstly, because the content is very dense and, secondly, because different technology is used to generate PDFs from that used to create a web page. We therefore designed a system only requiring Skillsday to enter its data in the back-office. That data is used to populate both the web pages and the automatically-generated PDFs.

Support for web-tailored design

When Skillsday came to see us, its creative universe already existed. The company has its own in-house graphic designer and she came with her dummies and a fairly precise idea of what she wanted. Our role therefore involved the technical implementation of our client’s creative requirements. As the graphic designer was a print specialist, we were proactive in providing advice to make her graphic design dummies more web-oriented. For example, we added a back button and a breadcrumb trail to facilitate user navigation of the site. We also recommended the modification of certain colours to adapt them to a digital environment.

Agence 148 immediately understood our challenges and our overall budget
Anne-Sophie, marketing director at Skillsday

Agence 148 still works with Skillsday to provide ongoing maintenance of the site. And we work with them on SEO optimisation. We continue to regularly enhance content, particularly for secondary pages such as article, blog and team pages, and we perfect functionalities to improve indexing of the Skillsday.com site.

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