Agence 148 gets B-Corp certification

What does this mean?

Being B-Corp certified means aiming to develop a business in keeping with more humane and sustainable economic principles. This certification is an indication of Agence 148’s commitment to constantly striving to improve what it has to offer its clients, its employees and its network of partners in the framework of its governance and even as far as limiting its environmental impact!

The B Corp certification is not just another meaningless label:

Feuilles Gauche

It is an international movement that certified over 4,600 companies around the world in 2022.

But what does it mean in practical terms?

The agency answered questions to establish where it ranked in terms of the various B Corp assessment criteria and was scored on each criterion. This score isn’t a rating, as such, but rather an indicator. For the purposes of comparison, we have listed our scores next to those of a similar (and therefore comparable) B Corp to ours that has obtained high scores to enable us to identify our strengths and those areas in which we can improve. In 2020, we have been certified B-corp for the second time, with a 12% higher score compared to 2017.

Assessment of the key B Corp areas

84% Employees
31,6 / 37,6
66% Environment
7,9 / 12
79% Governance
13,6 / 17,2
49% Network/Community
25,6 / 51,9


The agency is very concerned for the well-being of its employees, adapting their working hours and environment and minimising wage gaps.


The agency is concerned about its environmental footprint and is conscious of the impact of its production operations, including the use of its premises, employee travel, energy consumption (particularly where its machinery is concerned), etc.


The agency’s strategic and financial decisions are made entirely transparently.


148 selects its partners based on their societal and environmental commitments and is involved in various civil initiatives at local level.

Feuilles Droite

The agency is currently in the process of considering and trialling various practices that will enable it to familiarise its clients with the B Corp approach in order to raise their awareness of the philosophy.

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What next?

Since being B Corp-certified is not a one-off achievement, Agence 148 is constantly improving its operations in order to further strengthen its societal and environmental commitments without losing sight of its own financial health, and it is this very balance that B Corp helps us to achieve:

Doing business
in the most ethical
way possible.

More about the certification

Change begins with an assessment

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