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Brand strategy, identity, logo, website, social network campaign

Brand strategy:
comprehensive support

Anastasia is an entrepreneur bursting with ideas and energy. She is the founder of Le Circuit Vert, a zero-waste click-and-collect service selling locally-sourced produce. Promoting producers in her region and offering more responsible consumption is her speciality. But when it comes to communicating about her project and her values, she didn't know where to start. She needed advice, to reflect on a comprehensive brand strategy and to create an identity. So she knocked on the door at 148...

Fields of expertise

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Creating a brand identity
from A to Z

It’s really interesting to start from scratch. We are not restricted by what has been done before and we can offer something very contemporary right away
Gaétan, creative director at agence 148.

And it was the right door! We love it when everything needs to be created like that! Gaétan, our creative director, has the chance to fully express his creativity, based on a carefully defined brief. We began by studying the brand positioning, its universe and its competitors. We listened to what the client had to say about her values ​​and what she wanted to convey in terms of image. From there, our reflections were guided by a mood board and we made three graphic branding proposals, encompassing colours, textures and packaging ideas. The modern design chosen by Anastasia is fun and dynamic, natural and raw, with a focus on products. Our idea was to create a modular identity. A logo, of course, but also a whole range of graphical variations, including stickers to decorate future product packaging, indicating the product's origin, ingredients or cooking time, for example.

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Our methodology for an effective brand platform

Another vital strategic foundation is the brand platform. Once again, Le Circuit Vert called on the consultancy services and methodology of agence 148. Defining a brand platform means answering several basic questions: what is my company's mission, what is its target and positioning, what are its values ?

At agence 148, I met people who are both very professional and really in the moment
Anastasia, founder of Le Circuit Vert

Support from a clear tool makes it possible to move forward effectively, unite teams around a project and define a coherent communications strategy. We proposed a strategic plan to Le Circuit Vert based around two main focuses: the creation of a storefront website and a communications plan on social networks, particularly Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

A dual web and social media communications

Before opening her click-and-collect service, Anastasia first needed a website to bring her start-up to life. As well as to bring credibility to her project, both among local producers, to encourage them to join in the adventure, and among future customers. The site tells the story of the project, displays its values ​​and introduces visitors to Le Circuit Vert’s brand universe. An editorial charter was also provided, helping to ensure consistency of the style and content, both for the current site and future publications.

Agence 148 stood out by successfully striking a different tone, moving beyond the rigid parameters of the food industry
Anastasia, founder of Le Circuit Vert

To become a talking point, Anastasia needed to communicate on social media. And she was once again offered a turnkey solution. Various posts were created for her on a range of topics. Some were very visual, others more contextual in promoting products, for example by presenting the ingredients of zero-waste toothpaste or by suggesting a small daily gesture to help support the planet. All these posts used reusable templates, meaning the background and the text can easily be edited to create new ones.

Social and environmental responsibility:
strong shared values

Working with Anastasia means working with someone with shared values. Everyone was from the same generation, all wanting to embrace sustainable projects. Agence 148 has been awarded B Corp certification. This means that the circular economy and sustainable development are really at the heart of our business on a daily basis. In how we approach eco-designed sites, for example, or adopt responsible actions in our offices.

Obviously, we want to participate, to help someone who is working on more virtuous consumption habits
Gaétan, creative director at agence 148

Agence 148 is highly committed to this project. We hope that Anastasia will go far and that Le Circuit Vert zero-waste click-and-collect services will spring up all over France – still with us by her side to support her growth !

P.S. Note to Anastasia: we already have lots of ideas for the next stage ;-)

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