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Old Fashioned week

Website, communication materials, visual identity.

The world’s biggest
celebration of the
Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned Week festival founded by Michael Landart and Cyrille Hugon has been celebrating famous cocktail the Old Fashioned every year since 2015 across over a thousand bars worldwide. When it came to organising the third edition of the festival, the event’s creators decided to overhaul all aspects of their communications, namely their visual identity, their communications materials and their website. This would be a truly international project that would involve producing all of the relevant materials in French, English and Spanish. Since the creative concept chosen for this latest edition of the event was the 1950s, the agency’s creative minds sought inspiration from posters and advertisements from this period in history to help them create an original graphics environment with a fun, vintage feel.


Fields of expertise

old-fashioned-week Screens old-fashioned-week Screens

Creative and technical
multimedia brand

Agence 148 provided particularly comprehensive support for the agency’s graphics and technical teams in terms of the variety of communications materials to be produced. Two Artistic Directors and two Graphic Designers, under the watchful eye of the Creative Director and the Product Manager, produced various POS advertising materials (small posters, a menu, coasters, stickers, etc.), various versions of a press pack, a new website, a newsletter and the various graphical elements required for social network-based communications.
The technical team, meanwhile, was required to take various database management factors into account, as well as designing intuitive registration forms that could be used on any device, ensuring that the site loaded quickly and optimising site updates.
An iterative approach was adopted when it came to designing the event website and adjustments made throughout the process and within particularly short time frames.
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A comprehensive support service
covering everything from design
and consultancy to technology

In addition to the various graphical design and web development aspects of the project, Agence 148 also provided the Old Fashioned Week team with the advice and support it needed. The agency’s Community Managers and Copywriters came up with a number of different approaches to developing communications surrounding the event using various concepts and messages (posters, social network posts, etc.) with a view to promoting the event among the general public.

Agence 148 played a very proactive role in many of the communications initiatives that ran alongside the event and helped to promote this ten-day celebration of the Old Fashioned.

This initial collaboration provided an opportunity for the respective teams at Agence 148 and Old Fashioned Week HQ to join forces in what will be an ongoing partnership that will see the two organisations working together right throughout the year, be it on the next edition of this event or on any of the various other projects that Cyrille Hugon has up his sleeve!
We have succeeded in forming a lasting partnership with our client - something that is becoming increasingly rare in these times of growing competition between communications agencies.

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