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The Organic Stores group (consisting of the Favrichon and ProSain brands) entrusted Agence 148 with the task of designing and assembling its stand for the well-known international Natexpo show aimed at professionals operating in the organic sector, to be held in September 2017.


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Putting organic products in the spotlight

The Organic Stores group consists of two companies, namely Favrichon, which specialises in the transformation and manufacturing of organic cereals, and ProSain, which specialises in manufacturing organic vegetable preparations. Both brands wished to be represented on the same 40m stand at the Natexpo show, to take place that autumn 2. However, despite the fact that the brands share the same values, they also have two distinct graphical styles that needed to be respected but at the same time made to work together. Another of the aims with this project was for the stand to convey the image of healthy, organically produced, eco-friendly products.

An original staging concept

The project involved designing a stand that could be reused as much as possible, which is why most of the structures it contained were made of wood and could be fully dismantled to allow them to be used again at other shows.

It is actually rather common for stands to have a very short lifespan, more often than not lasting just one show, and the wastage that this represents goes against the values of both Agence 148 and the client.

The other major challenge was to successfully and subtly combine the two brand identities.

With this in mind, it was decided that the Favrichon area would be inspired by the grocery store whilst the ProSain area would incorporate more of a domestic kitchen feel. The agency’s creative team set about creating mood boards, followed by a series of pencil sketches and various 3D mock-ups to complete the process. These stages were vital to the smooth running of the project from both the client’s perspective and that of the Agence 148 stand designer.

A welcoming and intimate custom-made stand

A specially appointed chef was hired to work on the stand and prepare various dishes using ProSain products, with the corresponding recipes handwritten by an illustrator and displayed on a slate background to create the illusion of them being sketched in chalk.

Various vintage-style decorative touches were incorporated around the stand (old milk cartons, glass jars, an old weighing scales, wicker and iron baskets and wooden racks), along with a number of plant-based touches (bitter apples, seasonal fruits and green plants) that were dotted around to highlight the eco-friendly approach so integral to both brands.

All of these decorative elements were sourced from second-hand markets and would be reused, again to prevent any waste, whilst the various structural elements (counter, shelves, stools, etc.) were all made of wood and designed to be dismantled and reassembled as need be.

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