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Suez approached 148 with a view to designing and creating a recruitment campaign aimed at apprentices as part of the restructuring of the SUEZ group and more generally in keeping with its policy for developing its employer brand.



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A campaign involving multiple challenges and targets

The Suez Group - one of 148 Agency’s long-standing clients - was looking to launch a new apprenticeship recruitment campaign as part of an initiative relating to its employer brand. The campaign incorporated both internal and external elements and was designed to achieve two parallel objectives:

– Internally, the aim was to promote apprenticeships as a means of recruitment and support for the company’s teams but above all to raise awareness among managers of how enriching the taking on of apprentices could be in terms of the company’s human capital.

– Externally, the aim was to promote Suez apprenticeships as a valuable opportunity in order to attract new profiles, to demonstrate the group’s commitment to young people and to highlight the opportunity to gain experience in the field with passionate professionals

The deliverables required in order to highlight these objectives were as follows:

  • -Key visuals
  • -A concept that could be adapted to the 3 sectors in which the group operates (water, waste and support functions).

How do you develop the employer image and promote apprenticeships at SUEZ among young people and managers whilst at the same time promoting the group's lines of business?

Apprenticeships at Suez: a rewarding experience

Key visuals highlighting the experience of an apprenticeship at Suez

Having performed a competition survey focusing on recruitment discourse, 148 combined the findings of its research with its knowledge of the brand to come up with a number of creative concepts.
From the innovative and uniting message and credible explanation to the transparent and reassuring discourse, each of these avenues had a very clear goal in mind, this being to come up with a key message aimed at both the young people concerned and the managers..

The Vivez l’Éxpérience Suez (‘Experience Suez’)
joint concept

The combination of 148’s ideas and the group’s strategy gave rise to an experiential approach that represented the day-to-day reality of Suez and reflected the group’s values of commitment, support and success.
There were two key messages here, namely ‘Experience Suez', aimed at future apprentices, and 'Donnez du Sens à votre Éxpérience' (‘Make Your Experience Matter’), aimed at the group’s internal communications..

The creative concept was reflected in a series of visuals depicting day-to-day life at Suez across the group’s three different lines of business. These visuals helped to put experience at the heart of the brand’s approach with regards to both the apprentices gaining this experience and the managers passing it on.

Photo Shoot

In order to create a series of realistic scenarios that represented the reality of day-to-day life for a Suez apprentice, 148 put together and directed a photo shoot at the Suez head office and a number of its production sites involving not only professionals but also some of the company’s actual apprentices who got to be models for the day.

Visual creation and layout

Once the shoot had been completed and the corresponding images edited and arranged in accordance with the SUEZ charter, four visuals were created - three aimed at young people representing the group’s different lines of business and one for future mentors to be circulated internally.

Software used: Photoshop, Lightroom

Multi-format versions

Versions were developed in a number of formats, including web, displays and kakemonos, Internet banners, posters and flyers.

The result:
a promise kept

Thanks to the joint creative approach adopted, this campaign clearly expresses the SUEZ group’s very real intention to enhance the group’s human capital by offering young apprentices an enriching experience combined with tangible job opportunities.

Key figures:

SUEZ hosts around 1,000 trainees and almost as many apprentices every year. 94% of apprentices successfully complete their qualifications having gained professional experience at SUEZ.

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