6 specialist fields under one roof


There is no wrong media. It's all about choosing the one that suits you best!

How did this slightly outdated term straight out of the 80s come to be back in fashion?
Quite simply because the phenomenon that is media plurality and the proliferation and convergence of the media has never been as strong as it is today.

Mobile application, tablet, touchscreen, interactive video, 3D, animation, audio, QR code...

These different media provide a complementary and independent perspective thanks to their specific purposes and technological capabilities.

They also enable us to interpret or reinterpret your world in an original way.

(Almost) anything is possible. So how do we go about expanding your communications?

Fields of expertise

  • — Mobile & tablet (optimised web versions, iPhone and iPad applications, digital publishing, catalogues, business tools, QR codes, etc.)
  • — Video (consultancy / production & creation / optimisation / hosting / onlining), interviews, capturing of events, etc.)
  • — Sound design (creating a soundscape, searching for jingles, soundtrack, etc.)
  • — Animations (Flash, HTML5, Javascript, GIF, etc.)
  • — 3D (virtual tour, plan elevation, 3D imaging, packaging, 3D rendering & perspectives)

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